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CTD Card Game

Lockheed Martin Booster

Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that delivers full-spectrum cyber capabilities and cyber resilient systems to the defense and intelligence communities. They focus on protecting platforms, systems, networks and data by cyber hardening weapons, mission and training systems; outfitting cyber warriors with technologies for offensive and defensive missions; advancing technologies that enable cyber operations; and helping to collect, analyze and disseminate threat intelligence.

The Lockheed Booster Pack contains cards that are tailored toward enhancing a network’s defenses against targeted attacks. This deck features the rare “Intelligence Driven Defense” card and other uncommon cards such as “Enhanced Threat Protection”, “Ping Flood” and “Ping of Death”.

Released August 2019

Discontinued End of 2020


This type of scan is used to gain information on a network without having a way to trace back to the original user. The attacker spoofs their IP address to make it appear they came from somewhere else.

Select an opponent. You may view 1 of their cards after they draw at the end of their turn.

Your opponent’s company was targeted by a special phishing attack known as Spear Phishing. They received emails created specifically to look more convincing to fool them into revealing sensitive information.

Select an opponent. That opponent loses 2 points per round for 3 rounds. Remove this card from play after 3 rounds.

A malformed ping packet was sent to your opponent’s computer system, which caused a buffer overflow when rebuilt. This caused the system to crash and be injected with malicious code.

Select an opponent’s Asset – System card. That opponent must discard 1 card before drawing at the end of their turn and the targeted System does not generate any points each round. You may only have one Ping of Death in play at a time.

An unknown adversary is consistently attacking your opponent’s network with a denial of service attack. The systems are being flooded with random packets of data.

Select a System or Server card that your opponent has in play. That target cannot gain any points while this card is in play. At the beginning of your turn, you may return this card from play to your hand.

The Lockheed Martin Intelligence Driven Defense philosophy supports the intent to stop offensive maneuvers during a cyber attack while maintaining a defensive posture.

While this card is in play, if your opponent plays an Attack targeting you, you may view the top 2 cards of their deck. Put any Attack cards viewed at the bottom of their deck and return the rest to the top of their deck in the original order.

A company with services that can detect, quarantine and block suspicious emails, and protect your network can be a great arsenal in defending your network.

Attach this card to a Defense – Software card you have in play. This card prevents and removes Attack – Phishing and Information Gathering cards affecting you.

Defense in depth is an information assurance concept in which multiple layers of security controls (defense) are placed throughout your network.

Gain a point at the end of the round for each unique Defense you have in play up to 3 points. Discard this card at the end of the round.

Cyber threat analysis is a process in which internal and external vulnerabilities are investigated and matched against real-world cyber attacks.

This card can be played if your opponent has an Attack in play that can also be found in any discard pile. Discard that Attack card and this card from play.

An all-in-one computer is the combination of a monitor and the computer. The system comes as one whole unit with a mouse and keyboard.

You gain 1 point each round.

Sensors installed on your network allow cyber analysts the visibility they need to assess network anomalies, track trends and detect threats before they do harm.

When an opponent plays an Attack card that targets you, you may select one card at random to view in that opponent’s hand. If the selected card is an Attack card, discard it and this card.

Information Gathering – Footprinting is a technique used to gather information about the target system and is usually performed prior to the actual attack.

Attach this card to the next Attack you play this round. The Attack removes an additional point each round, until this Attack is removed. If no Attack is played after this card, discard this card at the end of the round.

You configure host-based firewalls on all of your systems and servers. Firewalls typically establish a barrier between a trusted internal network and untrusted external network, such as the Internet.

While in play, this card counters and prevents Attack – Denial cards targeting you. You may only have one of this card in play.