CTD Card Game

GulaTech Data Care Booster

The GulaTech Data Care Booster Pack encourages players to take personal care of their data with the rare “Data Care” defense card, as well as uncommon cards such as the “Bluesnarfing” attack card, “Mobile Device Management” defense card, and other assets such as a “Smartphone” and “Tablet” card.

Released October 2021

You have taken on a contract with popular entertainment outlets to store archives of all kinds of digital media, while still remaining accessible if network demand for that content increases.

Select an Asset – Server that you have in play and attach this card to it. You receive 1 point each round this card is in play.

Public WiFi connections found in stores are desirable by hackers as they allow for access without authentication. This can give them access to all the unsecured devices connected to the network.

Select an opponent’s Asset – Wireless or Mobile Card. That card’s value becomes -1 for 2 turns.

Bluesnarfing is the unauthorized access of information from a wireless device through a Bluetooth connection, often between phones, desktops, and laptops.

Your opponent loses 1 point for each different Asset – Wireless, Mobile, and Systems cards they have in play. Discard this card at the end of the round.

You have been entrusted with some sensitive financial data, including bank account and credit card information, for processing and analysis.

Attach this card to an Asset – Server that you have in play. You receive 1 point each round this card is in play.

Improperly discarded data is a major security vulnerability, and some determined attackers are going through your opponent’s trash. Junk mail and inappropriately discarded electronics can still contain a wealth of information.

Select an opponent’s discard pile. That opponent loses 2 points for each Asset – Data card in their discard pile at the end of this round. Remove this card from play after 1 round.

A mobile device that enables the customer to use mobile applications. This product is larger but similar in style to smartphones.

You gain 1 point each round.

A pocket-sized consumer device that allows for mobile connectivity to the Internet through cellular and wireless networks. Offers voice, VoIP and video calling, as well as messaging and access to mobile applications.

You gain 1 point each round.

Mobile device management software allows devices to be remotely disabled in the event they have been stolen, lost or are inappropriately used on the network.

While in play, you may use this card’s effect once per round to return a System, Wireless System or Mobile Asset card from your field to your deck and shuffle.

Data care encourages everyone to take personal care of their data. Whether using social media, mobile devices or your home’s WiFi, everyone is responsible for protecting their personal data.

If you have more Defense than Asset cards, you gain up to three additional points (e.g., 1 point gained if you have 2 Defenses and 1 Asset). Draw a card for each point you gained; you do not need to discard during this turn. Discard this card at the end of your turn.

You have acquired and configured a server to host database applications and facilitate queries and connections to that data.

You receive 1 point each round this card is in play.

A malicious attacker has gained access to one of your opponent’s machines and destroyed all of the data files stored on that device.

Select an Asset – Server that an opponent has in play. All Asset – Data cards currently attached to that opponent’s Asset – Server are removed from play. Remove Data Destruction from play after use.

You are now regularly making copies of all the data on one of your assets. While it would be convenient to keep these backups in the same place, they are kept off-site to ensure that the data survives.

Attach this to an Asset – Server that you have in play. If this Asset – Server is removed from play, instead of discarding all attached Asset – Data cards as usual, put them back into your hand instead, then discard this Data Backup card.