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The UTSA Center for Infrastructure Assurance & Security (CIAS) is committed to creating a culture of cybersecurity through a comprehensive K-12 Cybersecurity Program.


Cyber Threat Guardian

Designed for K-2 players, Cyber Threat Guardian mirrors other popular card games for young learners with its simple design and reinforced concepts. Through fun, repetitive play, students will learn to stay safe on mobile devices, game consoles and other devices.

Cyber Threat Protector

A multi-player card game for students in third through fifth grades, Cyber Threat Protector introduces players to essential cybersecurity vocabulary and defense strategies. Become immersed in the world of network defense and cyber-attacks with this easy-to-play game.

Cyber Threat Defender

Designed for grades 6 and up, Cyber Threat Defender: The Collectible Card Game is available as both a collectible card game and electronic download to provide a basic awareness of a number of security issues. The card game, available in English and Spanish, is a fun, multi-player game in which players build their networks while defending against realistic cyber-attacks.

The CyBear™ Family

Get to know the cybersecurity mascots in the CyBear family! The CyBear family introduces young learners to cybersecurity words and phrases, guides them through problem solving with puzzles, and engages them with interactive activities through a variety of free activity sheets and games. Together, we can create a culture of cybersecurity!

Project Cipher

Used to introduce cryptography concepts, Project Cipher is a free, electronic game that teaches techniques for encoding and decoding ciphers to either hide or discover information. While designed as a teaching tool for 4th-6th grade students, Project Cipher is a great introduction to cryptography for all ages.

Pyramid of Knowledge

A free testing tool that provides educators with the ability to build their own quizzes, Pyramid of Knowledge is a creative way to introduce students to cybersecurity principles through game play with its "Pyramid" quiz interface. This platform is designed to complement an educator's STEM programs.

Help support teachers in your area by sponsoring a classroom box of the K-12 Cyber Threat Games!

Cybersecurity will continue to be an important career field as our society grows even more technology-dependent,” he said. “The partnership we’ve had with CIAS has not only helped spark an interest in students but also provided a way to enjoy learning about cybersecurity.

Robert Burleson, Hatchet Elementary School Instructor

San Antonio Northside Independent School District, via

I became the greatest teacher in the world when I told the students we will be having a card tournament … The students really enjoyed it!

Nicky DeBolt, Highland Ranch High School

Denver, Colorado

I recently purchased the Cyber Protector card game for my 7 and 9 yr old and they absolutely love it!!!

Melinda Dade, Parent and CISO

for the Texas Education Agency

We received some sets of the Cyber Threat Defender Card Game and have been using it for the past two school years and the students love it. Our robotic team made it to nations this year in Louisville, KY and some team members wanted to take the game with us so they could play in the hotel room.

Ernest Barlow, Dallas Environmental Science Academy

DISD, Dallas, Texas

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