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We are excited to announce the winners of our 2023 card design contest, which was held in October 2023 in recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Community members, students and anyone over age 11 was invited to share their knowledge – and passion – of cybersecurity by creating their own CTD card.

In our inaugural contest, the CIAS selected three entries that focused on cyber events and malware attacks. The final designs were added to the Cyber Threat Defender: Digital game. Once again, this year’s designs will be added to the digital game, as well as considered for inclusion in a future booster pack.

You can see the winning designs below and share your thoughts on what the next cards should look like via our social media pages – or better yet, submit a design! We encourage you to start thinking now about what cards will enhance the current CTD starter decks and booster packs – we will be accepting your submissions throughout October 2024 for our next Card Design Challenge!


The CIAS will be accepting submissions for the Cyber Threat Defender Custom Card Challenge from October 2-27, 2023. 

Whether designing a defense, attack, asset or event card, you may only enter one card. In addition to the winning cards being added to CTD Digital, they may be adapted and integrated into an upcoming booster pack!

The top place finishers will also receive:

  • First Place: Four Cyber Threat Defender Starter Decks, two Booz Allen Booster Packs, two Personnel Booster Packs, two Advanced Threat Booster Packs, two GulaTech Data Care Booster Packs, two Cyber Threat Defender game mats, two Cyber Threat Defender t-shirts and more!
  • Second Place: Two Cyber Threat Defender Starter Decks, two Booz Allen Booster Packs, two Personnel Booster Packs, two Advanced Threat Booster Packs, and two Cyber Threat Defender game mats
  • Third Place: Two Booz Allen Booster Packs, Two Personnel Booster Packs, two Advanced Threat Booster Packs, and two Cyber Threat Defender game mats


Andrew Flores, 16

1st place winner 2023

Sophia Tolly, 16

2nd place winner 2023

Hector Beltran, 17

3rd place winner 2023


Janin Glaser, 13

1st place winner 2021

Jacob Peralta, 14

2nd place winner 2021

Ahmad Alsmadi, 14

3rd place winner 2021


This contest is judged by the Cyber Threat Defender game developers and CIAS staff. Cards are judged on:

  • Synergy: Cards shouldn’t just be designed well, but they should play well in the game’s starter deck and other booster packs. Make sure you understand how your card plays well with others!
  • Card Type Appropriateness: Cards should properly represent the card type they’re in (i.e., Asset, Defense, Attack, Event).
  • Rarity Appropriateness: While card submissions are expected to be unique from existing cards (see full list of cards here), some cards may be duplicated for ultimate effects (e.g., an ISP Connection card allows for two Desktop Assets to attach to it). Feel free to include comments with your submission about the card’s rarity appropriateness.

Remember, both the card design and game mechanics (in other words, how well the card plays in the game) must be compatible with the Cyber Threat Defender Starter Deck.

How to Enter

Submissions can be emailed as PDF, JPEG, PNG or EPS files to Entries may also be submitted by mail to the contest office:

Center for Infrastructure Assurance & Security
Attn: Larry Sjelin
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249

Only one submission is accepted per person ages 11 and up. All entries, whether by email or mail, must be received by 11:59 p.m. CST, October 27, 2023.

Submissions that do not include a completed entry form will not be accepted. All cards must include a custom design, point value, definition of card type in the real world and rules for how the card must be played in the game.

Note: The CIAS withholds the right to make any edits, corrections, updates to the winning design(s) of any card added to the Cyber Threat Defender inventory of cards within the Starter Deck, CTD: Digital or current/future booster packs.

To enter, download and review/use the following forms:

The winning design(s) will be added to CTD Digital. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to see the winning designs or download CTD Digital at!

For more information or questions about the contest, please contact Julina Macy at