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CTD Card Game

Data Defense Booster

Data management and information security is more important than ever before as organization’s manage their employee, customer and partner data. This booster pack reflects some common considerations in a data defensive strategy.

The Data Defense pack features popular cards, such as the “Backup Power Generator”, “Anti-Malware/Virus” and “Redundant System”, to help boost a network’s defenses.

Released September 2016

Discontinued December 2020


Polymorphism means “to change the appearance of” something. This malware has the ability to redefine its signature, or how the code appears to anti-virus scanners, making it much more difficult to detect.

This card cannot be affected by Anti-Malware/Virus defense cards. Select an opponent. That opponent loses 2 points this round. Remove this card from play after 1 round.

You identified gaps in your cyber defense plans, making notes of all active attacks on your network, and logged this information so that you can update your cyber incident response plan. Updates to this incident response plan can improve your cybersecurity.

You gain 1 point for each attack that is affecting you this round. Remove this card from play at the end of this round.

You have the opportunity to review, process and store a significant amount of cutting-edge research from major universities all around the world.

Attach this card to an Asset – Server that you have in play. You gain 1 point each round this card is in play.

You have acquired and configured a server to host database applications and facilitate queries and connections to that data.

You receive 1 point each round this card is in play.

A malicious attacker has gained access to one of your opponent’s machines and destroyed all of the data files stored on that device.

Select an Asset – Server that an opponent has in play. All Asset – Data cards currently attached to that opponent’s Asset – Server are removed from play. Remove Data Destruction from play after use.

You are now regularly making copies of all the data on one of your assets. While it would be convenient to keep these backups in the same place, they are kept off-site to ensure that the data survives.

Attach this to an Asset – Server that you have in play. If this Asset – Server is removed from play, instead of discarding all attached Asset – Data cards as usual, put them back into your hand instead, then discard this Data Backup card.

Your opponent responded to an email asking for their security/login information. The attacker can now access your opponent’s account and system.

Select an opponent. That opponent loses two (2) points each round for two (2) rounds. Remove this card from play after two rounds.

You attended a security training course to learn about ways you can improve your security.

Select either a Password Cracked or a Phishing card that an opponent has in play. When played, both this card and the target card are discarded.

Your opponent did not update their virus and malware signature database. This means they are vulnerable to recent virus and malware attacks.

Select one (1) Anti-Malware/Virus card that your opponent has in play. Both this card and the target card are discarded.

Networks and devices will eventually fail. In fact, the expectation is so high that it is measured as the Mean Time To Failure (MTTF). Redundant systems are used as substitutes for critical systems when they fail or take over their responsibilities.

When one of your Assets would be removed from play, you may instead choose to remove this Redundant System card from play.

You recently acquired a backup generator to keep your systems functioning in case of an electrical failure. Once this detects a loss of electricity, the generator immediately begins providing power until the electrical failure is fixed.

You may prevent one (1) Power Outage from affecting you. If you choose to do so, put this card at the bottom of your draw pile. You may only have one of this card in play.

You install or update anti-malware and anti-virus software on your computer systems. This prevents known viruses and other malicious software (malware), but needs to be updated periodically.

This card removes all Attack – Malware cards targeting you and remains in play. While this card is in play, you cannot be the target of Attack – Malware cards. You may only have one of this card in play.