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CTD Card Game

Advanced Threat Booster

Battle your opponent with these nefarious cyber-attacks. Players will need to act quickly to defend against rootkits, real-world attacks like “TeslaCrypt”, and more. This deck also features the highly sought after, and rare, “Rootkit Malware Loader” card!

Released June 6, 2019


The Alureon family of trojan horses can send malicious data to your network and corrupt driver files making them unusable. They may also give hackers access to collect information from your network.

Select a System or Server that an opponent has in play. They will gain no points from the selected Asset and will lose 1 point at the end of each round until this Trojan Horse is countered.

Rootkits are often used to conceal their presence or the presence of other malware. Application rootkits operate at the level of standard programs making them easier to detect than other types of rootkits.

This card is immune to Defense – Software cards. When your Malware is removed from play by an opponent’s Defense card, you may discard this rootkit and place one Malware back in your hand.

Your opponent visited a website that was affected by malware. The malware downloaded onto your opponent’s system without their knowledge.

Search your deck and discard pile for any playable malware card. Play the Malware; it does not count towards your playable card limit. Shuffle your deck and discard.

Information Gathering – Footprinting is a technique used to gather information about the target system and is usually performed prior to the actual attack.

Attach this card to the next Attack you play this round. The Attack removes an additional point each round, until this Attack is removed. If no Attack is played after this card, discard this card at the end of the round.

Intrusion Prevention Systems monitor systems and prevent malicious changes that would occur within it as well as remove what caused the unwanted change.

Discard all rootkits your target opponent has in play. Once during your turn, while this card is in play, you may select one Malware or Hack affecting you and discard it.

A bug went undetected in your opponent’s network causing them to leak data that hackers have now exploited.

Select an opponent who will choose to either discard the top card from their draw pile or lose 3 points at the end of the round. Discard this card at the end of the round.

A disgruntled employee that works for your opponent intentionally allowed a major data breach to occur. The employee has been caught and fired.

Remove a Personnel card, excluding Attack – Personnel, that an opponent has in play. If that opponent has no Personnel in play, excluding Attack – Personnel, remove one of their Defense cards instead. That opponent loses 2 points at the end of the round. Discard this card at the end of the round.

The Sirefef family of trojan horses can disable security features as well as download and run other files.

This Trojan Horse is immune to Software and can’t be returned from the discard pile. If your selected opponent has any Defense – Software cards in play, they must shuffle them into their deck. Discard this card at the end of the round.

TeslaCrypt is an infamous piece of ransomware that has affected critical infrastructures and millions of people.

Select an Asset type that your opponent has in play. While in play, your opponent can’t generate any points from that Asset type. At the end of scoring, your opponent may choose to discard this card by losing 1 point per Asset affected up to 3 points.

Zeus is a powerful trojan horse, which steals private data such as passwords, system information, banking credentials and other financial data from the infected system.

Select an opponent. Your selected opponent loses 2 points per round until this Trojan Horse is countered.

Rootkits often conceal their presence or presence of other malware. Many rootkits also have the ability to download other malicious software onto their host.

This card is immune to Software and can’t be returned from the discard pile. During your turn you may return one Malware from your discard pile to the bottom of your deck. You may only have one copy of this card in play.

Your opponent’s network has been infiltrated by a malicious person. They had access for a long time but remained undetected until they could achieve their goal. Your opponent’s valuable data is stolen often.

Select an opponent that is currently affected by a Trojan Horse card. That opponent loses 4 points this round. Remove this card from play after 1 round.