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Enhance Your Cybersecurity Expertise Skillset Capabilities

With Cybersecurity Training and Exercises

Our mission is to improve cybersecurity knowledge and capabilities for every individual, organization, community and state. Our core competency is developing viable and sustainable cybersecurity programs to strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity preparedness. One way we do this is through Training and Exercises.

Our training capabilities include technical and non-technical cybersecurity courses, webinars and workshops. We have been developing and facilitating tabletop exercises to identify gaps in cybersecurity knowledge, policies and capabilities since 2002. Contact us to assist with your Cybersecurity Training and Exercise needs.

$ Customized Training & Exercises

Whether your organization is building awareness of cybersecurity topics with its executive leadership team or expanding your personnel’s skillset and knowledge base, the CIAS can develop customized training, host workshops and conduct community-wide exercises to suit your organization’s individual needs.

Cybersecurity Training

To effectively support cybersecurity workforce development within organizations – for both technical and non-technical team members – we provide low- and no-cost professional training solutions through certification prep courses and cybersecurity awareness training.


As a partner of the National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium (NCPC), the CIAS has developed research-based cybersecurity courses aimed at helping individuals in states and communities nationwide to develop and improve their own cybersecurity programs. Take advantage of these courses today – at no cost to you!

Let the CIAS help you in your training needs. Fill out the request form and let us know what types of courses interest you!