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The CIAS K-12 Cybersecurity Program is designed to introduce students to cybersecurity education and possible career paths in STEM disciplines, especially cybersecurity. To increase interest and learning capabilities, this initiative is centered around the CyBear™ family.

This cybersecurity-focused family introduces children, primarily in elementary school, to cybersecurity words and phrases, guides them through problem solving with puzzles, and engages them with interactive activities through a variety of free activity sheets and games. These activities complement existing classroom curriculum and age-appropriate card games, Cyber Threat Guardian (grades K-2) and Cyber Threat Protector (grades 3-5).

However, because each member of the CyBear family is designed to provide unique insights into different areas of cybersecurity, they support cybersecurity education, awareness and defense for all ages. Ultimately, the CyBear family supports the CIAS’ efforts to promote a culture of cybersecurity and create a pipeline for a future cybersecurity workforce!

Meet the CyBear Family

Alan CyBear

Alan CyBear is a professor of computer science at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is named after Alan Turing, a mathematician whose work is acknowledged as the foundation of research in artificial intelligence.

Grace CyBear

Grace CyBear, a cybersecurity professional, is named after Grace Hopper, a retired admiral in the U.S. Navy that led the team that created the first computer language compiler.

Vint CyBear

Vint CyBear is a gamer named after Vint Cerf, who is often referred to as one of the “Fathers of the Internet” for his work as a co-designer of the architecture of the Internet.

Ada CyBear

Ada CyBear is a social media enthusiast. Her namesake is Augusta Ada King, or Ada Lovelace, who is regarded as the first computer programmer for recognizing the full potential of a computing machine in the mid-1800s.

Grandma CyBear

Dorothy “Grandma” CyBear is Alan CyBear’s mother and loves online shopping and staying in touch with family and friends through the Internet. She is named after Dr. Dorothy Denning, an American information security researcher known for her cybersecurity innovations.

Grandpa CyBear

Raymond "Grandpa" CyBear is Alan CyBear’s father and represents senior members of the community. His grandchildren help guide him through cybersecurity best practices when online. He is named after Raymond Tomlinson, an American computer programmer.

The CyBear Family artwork and illustrations are created by Lili Ryu Studio.