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cybersecurity mascot

Introducing Alan CyBear, the Smokey Bear of Cybersecurity

The cultural icon Smokey Bear, with his yellow hat and wildfire prevention tagline, has been familiar to Americans for decades. Likewise, McGruff the Crime Dog, who encouraged the public to “Take a bite out of crime.” Today, younger generations have the Safetypup to help children learn about safety issues from law enforcement.

Each of these famous characters has helped encourage a culture of security. But what about a culture of cybersecurity?

culture of cyber security

About the CyBears

Meet The CyBears Invite Alan CyBear to Your Area! Follow Alan CyBear’s Adventures online! Facebook Instagram Online Store The CIAS K-12 Cybersecurity Program is designed to introduce students to cybersecurity education and possible career paths in STEM disciplines, especially cybersecurity. To increase interest and learning capabilities, this initiative is centered