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The CIAS launches new website to support UTSA’s cybersecurity capabilities

The Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security (CIAS) at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is proud to announce the release of its renewed website. It is located at the same address:

The layout of the new website features a responsive design that aligns with the university’s main website. It also supports the CIAS mission to deliver quality research, training cyber competitions, K-12 cybersecurity programs to advance community and organizational cybersecurity capabilities and collaboration.

“Our goal was to deliver a modern, secure website that was more accessible, intuitive to navigate and focused on helping communities improve their cybersecurity capabilities,” said Greg White, director of the CIAS. “The CIAS team quickly adapted to the university’s strategic focus to create a seamless user experience across UTSA’s various colleges, departments and programs. Our new website truly captures the university’s brand and promotes a culture of cybersecurity.”

In addition to the website receiving a design makeover, the CIAS expanded the K-12 cybersecurity education section to better serve educators nationwide.

“We’re truly excited about our new, interactive Cyber Threat Defender card viewer,” said Larry Sjelin, director of game development at the CIAS. “One of our most popular – and most visited pages – on the previous website was our tabletop card game’s card list. This enabled players to learn what cards were available in specific decks. We’re confident this new interface will encourage both teachers and players to learn more about cybersecurity.”

Other notable enhancements include photo galleries of various cybersecurity competitions and gaming tournaments, calls to action that encourage registration for training opportunities and upcoming events, as well as deeper insights into the CIAS’ research activity.

For 20 years, the CIAS has helped UTSA advance cybersecurity capabilities nationwide. Moving forward, the new website will help the center continue the goal of being a leader in the advancement of state and community cybersecurity capabilities and collaboration.